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MulticoreWare is a global software solutions & products company with its HQ in San Jose, CA, USA. With worldwide offices, it serves its clients and partners in North America, EMEA and APAC regions. Started by a group of researchers, MulticoreWare has grown to serve its clients and partners on HPC & Cloud computing, GPUs, Multicore & Multithread CPUS, DSPs, FPGAs and a variety of AI hardware accelerators.

MulticoreWare was founded by a team of researchers that wanted a better way to program for heterogeneous architectures. With the advent of GPUs and the increasing prevalence of multi-core, multi-architecture platforms, our clients were struggling with the difficulties of using these platforms efficiently.

We started as a boot-strapped services company and have since expanded our portfolio to span products and services related to compilers, machine learning, video codecs, image processing and augmented/virtual reality. Our hardware expertise has also expanded with our team; we now employ experts on HPC and Cloud Computing, GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, and mobile and embedded platforms. We specialize in accelerating software and algorithms, so if your code targets a multi-core, heterogeneous platform, we can help.

Our Leaders

President & CEO

AGK has 25 years experience in General Management, Engineering and Marketing for the computing.

Co-Founder & Advisor

Curtis has 20 years experience in Management, Engineering and Operations.

Vice President and General Manager, AVA BU

Jayesh Patel VP and General Manager of the Autonomous Vehicles and Automative Business Unit

Vice President and General Manager for Media & AI Analytics

Arun Ramanathan, Vice President and GM of India operations has 26 years of experience in systems

Vice President - Worldwide Sales and Corporate Marketing

Soumendra Mohanty is the VP of Wordwide sales and corporate marketing.

Vice President – Worldwide Human Resources

Shashi has worked across BPO, BFSI, Retail, Automobile, IT Services, Consulting. Edtech.


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ON August 12, 2021

IN2CORE licenses MulticoreWare’s x265 in developing modules for their QTAKE software application. QTAKE was launched in 2009 & has become an industry-standard tool preferred...

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